Decreasing cc loan amounts

I have a question about credit cards.

since I have had problems paying back credits cards lately it has negatively impacted my credit history.

one of the companies has decreased my total available loan amount. this is after I have reached the max with them.

so when I maxed our my credit with this cc company I was within my allowable credit amount. with this decreased credit amount I appear to be in excess of my allowable credit amount so now I am getting charged an over-the-max fee.

is this legal?

is there a way to fight it?

thanks for any ideas. you have always been such a help.

Did you go over the max with late fees? Since you haven’t been paying it, you fees or dues probably kept climbing and exceeding that limit. But if they moved it down close to your balance and then are charging you for being over, then I would say that is not legal. Do you have your contract?

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