Re: What is a “normal” amount to save in a year?

Thanks for the positive message about not putting yourself down. It is easy to beat up on oneself for debt problems.

I have a problem with getting overdrawn, and the fees the bank charges. I have already trashed my credit, and am doing debt settlement, but have one judgement against me – so the only way I have to be in debt is overdraft fees. I know, I know, I could have the bank stop doing it (the bank allows you to get $200 overdrawn)- but I tell myself I can’t buy food, or cat food if I don’t have it there for me.

But I think the underlying reasons for continuing to get overdrawn are what needs to be addressed – just like some folks on here are facing their issues with spending.

like why don’t I have enough money to pay my bills? what do I need to do differently? I live with my kids, who are 23 and 20, and both of them are working. Yet I feel reluctant to ask them to help pay – probably because of the guilt I fee l about being divorces (they never had their dad in their lives and he stopped paying child support) – and my son has health and drug issues, and I never saved for their college – etc, etc, when I write this I see how ludicrous it is.

So, anyhow, it is good for me to see other people also facing in themselves how they got into their situation – but without blaming themselves unduly, and recognizing their need to change and move on – so thanks for letting me have this blog.

Don’t feel bad for them, you did the best you could for them. At this point in their lives though, it’s time to ‘cut the apron strings’ and allow them to start being productive members of society. You won’t be a bad mom if you charged them rent or for food.

I grew up in a single parent home, parents never divorced and my mom did not save for my college education. But I went to school somehow got a degree and I am about to go for my MSW.

Some how we feel pressure from all sides, and this world puts those who can’t deal with pressure in a financial trap-some how we have got to face the fact that either we may be addicted to retail or running from our financial responsibilities.

They are never going to go away…..Do what you can to uplift you and leave the rest to GOD.

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